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is a lightweight tap so you can take it anywhere, on any mobile device, since we have a Lite version without annoying ads. If you are wondering how to withdraw crypto, just fill in the short links and then place your wallet where requested (within our website) and voila, now you can earn money from claims and referrals. Withdrawals are automatic, so as soon as you have your winnings, they will be reflected in your FaucetPay.io wallet.


15 daily claims left. Possible rewards: 1 (99.99%), 2 (0.01%)


Referral commission: 100%

Your referral link: https://btcash.ml/?r=Your_Address
Users referred on the web: 151

Recent Payouts

1GkSDf2TAoLUJvFSNdiiZoXPJV6pzGs5Xe1 satoshi
1GkSDf2TAoLUJvFSNdiiZoXPJV6pzGs5Xe1 satoshi
1FBufTDxakWmtocJKdcMTY9BWpM8RK1MDE1 satoshi
qpchj9avs26k93kr8j4j84nwcdmgfncmwchlu653ay2 satoshi
38YBpmRZsgHKmeess8W2A2PmK4cX7AoYrw1 satoshi
1Eg7eXcwakG1QVsGsUaJpKA6NmCych7Knv1 satoshi
1Eg7eXcwakG1QVsGsUaJpKA6NmCych7Knv1 satoshi
1Eg7eXcwakG1QVsGsUaJpKA6NmCych7Knv1 satoshi
38YBpmRZsgHKmeess8W2A2PmK4cX7AoYrw1 satoshi
38YBpmRZsgHKmeess8W2A2PmK4cX7AoYrw1 satoshi
About Us
What is Btcash?

Btcash emerges as a file customization project, since it is based on faucetinabox files with new frameworks and libraries. The intention is to make a website as compact as possible, which can be used on any mobile device. It also has a distribution of ads that do not interfere with the operation of the web.

What function do our cookies fulfill?

Our cookies are simple but effective, they perform a very important task which is to record the entry of a new wallet and register it under the IP from where it entered. This avoids confusion regarding waiting time for the next claim and also makes it easier for users to return to the tap.

How do I claim my earnings from short links?

After visiting a short link, the benefit is recorded under your IP, that is, after entering a short link, the benefit from it is added to your next claim.

How can I access the Lite version?

To access the Lite version of the web, simply enter btcash.ml from your mobile and you will be there.

Why 100% commission for referrals?

We currently have the highest referral reward on the market, but we still believe there is room for improvement as we don't have good backers, but as we grow these percentages will increase.

Why do we only work with bitcoin?

We work with bitcoin because we believe that it is the strongest currency on the market and was the pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies, that is why bitcoin represents us and in case it is out of our reach, we will choose its descendant bitcoin cash.

Why do we work with FaucetPay.io?

We work with FaucetPay.io because it is the one who provides the best tools on the market to create a comfortable faucet website without so many restrictions and also has an acceptable rate that leaves better margins for people who are dedicated to faucet, both developers and users of such websites.